Improved skills for a modern curriculum


´´Improved skills for a modern curriculum´´


Coordinators: Ljudska univerza, Zavod za izobraževanje ın kulturo, Rogaška Slatina, SLOVENIA



-          English Matters, IRELAND
-          Executive Training Institute Ltd., MALTA
-          Aintek Symvouloi Epicheiriseon Efarmoges Ypsilis Technologias Ekpaidefsi Anonymi Etaireia, GREECE
-          International Study Programmes, THE UNITED KINGDOM
-          Edinburgh School of English, THE UNITED KINGDOM
-          Lingua Più, ITALY


Project content: This is an Erasmus + KA 1 project for further and additional training and education of employees. The goal of the project is to train the managing and teaching staff and develop a more internationally oriented educational programme on Ljudska univerza Rogaška Slatina, so that the organization would become more attractive for learners and teachers from abroad. This would enable Ljudska univerza Rogaška Saltina to become a host school for learners and teachers from other European countries. The participants of the trainings will endorse their competences in the field of using technology for foreign languages, learn how to use active methodology of teaching, improve their language competences, get familiar with innovative teaching methods, train themselves in the field of Montessori teaching method for adults and learn how to teach foreign languages through culture. Gained competences will enable the organization to improve its curriculum and create a higher quality offer for its learners from Slovenia and abroad.

Uradne ure

pon in sre: 8-12, 13-17
tor in čet: 8-12, 13-15
pet: 8-12

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