U3O of the 21 Century




Coordinators: Ljudska univerza, Zavod za izobraževanje ın kulturo, Rogaška Slatina, SLOVENIA

-          Cyprus Third Age, CYPRUS
-          Anastasios Dimopoulos – Ioannis Papadopoulis OE, GREECE
-          Associação Intercultural Amigos da Mobilidade, PORTUGAL
-          AR Vocational and Investment ARVIS, ROMANIA

Project content: this is an Erasmus + KA 1 project. The main idea of the project is to develop, update and raise the quality of our educational program in the frame of our University for Third Age Rogaška Slatina, which operates under Ljudska univerza Rogaška Slatina. We wish to train our administrative and teaching staff so that we can conduct a program of higher quality and to adapt the program according to their needs. The project aims train them on how to motivate and encourage our learners to become active volunteers in conducting classes to establish peer-to-peer learning and to make international connection to the U3A Cyprus in order to create an online communication among our staff and our U3A learners and to create staff and student exchanges between our U3A and U3A Cyprus. Therefore, we would like to send two of our staff members on a job shadowing to U3A Cyprus to observe their system and programs in order to learn how to develop a peer-to-peer learning in our U3A and to find ideas for new programs for our University. The project will also include a training in Portugal about conducting outdoor classes with activities which are carried out outside of classrooms The training in Greece will help train our lecturers on how to conduct multicultural classes, and the other training Portugal will train our staff member about modern and innovative teaching methods. In this way, our staff will learn how to encourage and motivate the members of the U3A on how to become active mentors and volunteers in various courses;  learn how to conduct educational program, various courses, study clubs, lectures in outdoor environment together with physical activities appropriate for aging population (members of our U3A); learn about the use of new technologies will learn to use more innovative tools and modern techniques during various types of learning activities, improve their ICT skills.

Uradne ure

pon in sre: 8-12, 13-17
tor in čet: 8-12, 13-15
pet: 8-12

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